Janardhana Rao Babburi

Janardhana Rao Babburi

Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre & Research Institute, INDIA

Title: An unusual case of LV myxoma extending through aortic valve presented with antero septal myocardial infarction


Janardhana Rao Babburi is a consultant and interventional cardiologist at Apollo hospital, Apollo heart institutes, Hyderabad. He did his MBBS from NTR University of health sciences and MD from Manipal University. He also worked as Assistant Professor in NRI medical college and PSIMS and RF College. He is presently doing dm cardiology from Sri Ramachandra University Education, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute.


History • 37 year young male with no risk factors • ANGINA and BREATHLESSNESS ---- 2 days • Delayed presentation ---- AWMI • Not THROMBOLYSED. Diagnosis: LV Mass (? Myxoma /? Th rombus) with Embolization Treatment: Excision of LV Myxoman + SVG graft s to LAD and PDA Conclusion: Th is case helps to remind that in a young patient with no cardiac risk factors and alterations in ST segment, one must rule out a Th rombo-embolic source like a cardiac tumor.

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