Jane E Clougherty

University of Pittsburgh , USA

Title: Issues of air pollution exposure science and epidemiology


Jane E. Clougherty, MSc ScD is an Assistant Professor and Director of Exposure Science at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health. She trained at the Harvard School of Public Health, and worked on the New York City Community Air Survey, before joining the Pittsburgh faculty. An interdisciplinary Environmental Health Scientist, Dr.Clougherty’s research focuses on urban fine-scale air pollution exposure assessment, and the epidemiology of combined health effects of chronic social stressors and air pollution.


Clougherty will present issues of air pollution exposure science and epidemiology, related to the combined effects of environmental exposures and nutrition on health outcomes. She will present recent data on variation in fine particle concentrations within and between cities. Notably, she will discuss how the spatial distribution of air pollution sources (e.g., vehicular traffic, power plants, industry) leads to differences in the chemical composition of airborne fine particles across cities. Finally, she will describe recent evidence for variation in population susceptibility across urban space, with implications for variation in air pollution susceptibility.

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