Jasmine Musakhanian

Jasmine Musakhanian

Scientific & Marketing Director
Gattefosse, USA

Title: Lipid Based Drug Delivery: Rationale and formulation design in oral bioavailability enhancement


Jasmine Musakhanian is Scientific & Marketing Director at the Pharmaceutical Division of Gattefossé USA. She has over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience in excipient functionality and applications. A 1986 graduate of McGill University in human nutrition and food chemistry (MSc., Food Science) she first worked as research and teaching associate at McGill University. Later she held technical support positions with various excipient providers. Since joining the Gattefossé group in 1997, she has focused on lipid excipients and lipid based drug delivery systems for oral liquid and solid dosage forms as well as topical formulations. She is author of technical and scientific reviews; actively involved in scientific programming at AAPS and CRS; and is a frequently invited speaker at scientific meetings.


Lipid based formulations have a great potential for addressing the oral bioavailability challenges presented by the vast majority ofpoorly water-soluble drugs. If used effectively, lipid systems can simultaneously improve solubility/dissolution and permeability while reducing food effect and inter / intra subject variability.Selection of the appropriate class of excipient(s) and designing the right lipid formulation however would require a holistic approach, with clear understanding of two sets of factors: a) the properties and challenges unique to the drug candidate; and b) the physico-chemical and bio-pharmaceutical role of lipids in the formulation. The presentation aims to review the latest on the role and function of various lipid classes in oral bioavailability enhancement; recent tools and approaches for design, characterization and selection of lipid formulations; and general handling, stability, and process considerations in lipid based drug delivery.

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