Jason Ruckert has 16+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Included in this experience is 13+ years in supervision and management, and leadership roles in Quality Assurance groups supporting laboratory and manufacturing operations. Currently, he is the director of Laboratory Operations at Advanced Testing Laboratory in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He holds a bachelor's degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.


There are challenges to developing and maintaining efficient and effective quality systems that enable a company to consistently deliver compliance, good science, and innovation. Delivered as a case study, the presenters will provide an overview of a private contract laboratory's journey as it faces these challenges. This journey will be presented through the presentation of efforts across past, present, and future states. Focus will be placed upon the cooperative relationship built between the laboratory and quality assurance and how this relationship is fostering change. Presenters will include discussions on building quality culture, use of lean six sigma principles, and the continuous improvement of quality systems. Finally, the impact of these efforts on the organization will be shared.

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