Jeffrey J. Urban

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

Title: Understanding energy and mass transport in designer nanocrystal-polymer hybrids


Jeffrey J. Urban is currently the Facility Director, Inorganic Nanostructures & Lead of LBL DOE Thermoelectrics Program, MSD Lead on Water-Energy Initiative, Lead of LBL HyMARC Hydrogen Storage Program. He persued his Postdoctoral Studies in Synthesis and Measurements of Nanocrystal Transistors, Thermoelectrics, and Photovoltaics with Professor Christopher B. Murray, University of Pennsylvania & Graduate Studies in Synthesis and Physical Characterization of Transition Metal Oxide Nanostructures with Professor Hongkun Park, Harvard University. His current research includes development of new materials and measurement tools for solid-state energy storage and conversion applications. One central topical area of interest involves investigating transport at the organic-inorganic interface.


The interface between hard and soft condensed matter presents new and compelling research opportunities in the transport of energy and mass due to the dramatic contrasts in bonding energy, chemical interactions, and transport modalities between these constituents. Here, I will discuss my group's research efforts at designing, characterizing, and modeling the transport properties of nanocrystal-polymer hybrid systems, which I have developed as platforms for understanding the critical role that interfaces can play in dictating transport properties. Specifically, this talk will encompass two thematic areas in this space. I will first discuss energy transport in the context of thermoelectrics for Te nanorod-PEDOT:PSS polymer hybrid materials, and gas transport and storage in Mg nanocrystal:PMMA polymer hybrid materials.

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