Jessica Ellison

Jessica Ellison

Principal Consultant, EORM

Title: Bringing ergonomics and human factors to the design of workspaces


Jessica Ellison is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with over 10 years of experience in ergonomics and safety. She has helped companied develop and streamline global ergonomic and safety programs to improve efficiencies for ergonomic program support. She has experience conducting qualitative and quantitative ergonomic risk assessments with recommendations for risk reduction and increasing efficiencies in many different industries including healthcare, office settings, laboratories, warehouses, field, agricultural and industrial operations. Her engineering degrees and experience help her to communicate with design teams, engineers, management, and employees to promote ergonomics at all management levels. She has developed and conducted ergonomic training. She is an account manager and has managed national and global projects.


Design for Environmental Health and Safety (DFESH) is gaining momentum in industry. Companies are realizing that designing for people’s health and safety up front can dramatically reduce future expenses and keep their staff safe and healthy while at work. The cost of re-design after the initial installation can be more costly than the original design. In addition, implementing an ergonomic program during the design of an interior space can also help you to achieve LEED certification. This session will discuss the global standards which are currently available and give some “real life” examples of design challenges and how to address them from a global perspective in the planning stages.