Jihua Li is currently working in Sichuan University, China.


Purpose: From East Asians' traditional aesthetic view, a soft facial fi gure seems to be more attractive. Especially among females, prominent mandible angle, high zygomatic bone and inharmonious chin strongly diminish her attributes of femininity. We opine that attention should be paid to zygomatic projection in addition to square mandible from the frontal view; and gonial angle and mental region confi guration from the lateral view so as to obtain slender oval face or so-called “melon seed face”. Patients and Methods: From Jan. 2005 to Dec. 2010, in a total of 47 patients, the authors had applied the combination of four operative techniques: L-shaped osteotomy, "V-line" osteotomy, mandibular outer cortex splitting ostectomy, and sliding genioplasty -to reshape the square face. Results: Th e outcomes and the feedback information of patients’ showed that these methods made the square face look more harmonious. Middle and lower facial contour was signifi cantly improved. Conclusions: Since each square face patient has diff erent facial features, each operation should be customized and designed comprehensively to achieve a perfect result.

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