Jin-Young Lee

Jin-Young Lee

Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources, Korea

Title: Recovery of valuable metals from spent SCR catalysts for de-NOx by soda roasting


Jin-Young Lee has completed his Ph.D. from Kwangwoon University. He is the principal researcher of KIGAM. He has published more than 40 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of KIRR (Korea Institute of Resources Recycling).


The present studies are implemented to recover valuable metals such as vanadium and tungsten from spent SCR catalysts for de-NOx. We optimized the experimental parameters by following order: Soda roasting, at high temperature followed by water leaching. Then generated water leach liquor processed by hydrometallurgical routes namely precipitation and solvent extraction. In soda roasting process, sodium carbonate added 5 equivalent ratios at roasted temperature 8500 C with 120 min roasted time for 54μm average particle size of spent catalysts. After soda roasting process moved to water leaching for roasted spent catalysts. Before leaching process the roasted spent catalysts were grinded up to -45 μm particle size. The leaching time is 30 min at 400 C temperature, 10% pulp density. The final leaching efficiency obtained 46% of vanadium and 92% of tungsten by present process. Precipitation experiment carried out using MgCl2 as reagent to selectively precipitate vanadium component from water leach liquor containing vanadium and tungsten. Tungsten component showed large loss because of co-precipitation when precipitating vanadium component.

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