John David is a vibrant university professor in SHIATS University, Allahabad, in the field of Food and Dairy Technology, having a teaching experience of 21 years. He is a passionate research worker having more than 70 research publication in his credit. Prof. David has guided 40 M.Sc / M.Tech and 10 Ph.D. theses. He is a first class post graduate in Dairy Technology, Seed Technology and Business Administration. He has a flair for writing technical books and already written 7 books of national and international repute in the field of Food and Dairy Technology. Prof. David participated in many national and international conferences and presented research papers. He is an expert in Business Administration too. Prof. David is a regular examiner in number of universities namely, Allahabad Central University, PUSA Agricultural University, Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Bihar Agricultural University, Chitrakoot University, U.P. Rajarshi Tandon University etc. An orator having proficiency in 10 different languages and a versatile expert for Food and Dairy Technology in All India Radio and Television (Door Darshan) programmes. He is a life member of several professional bodies like, IDA, DTSI, BRS, AGRO-BIOS, Intensive Agriculture and Progressive Research Journal etc. Several of his articles appeared in Hindustan Times, Times of India and other Indian dailies. Prof. David held many post of recognition like Registrar, Chairman, Editor and Research Coordinator in several committees of university. He has been bestowed with Young Scientist award in the year 2006 for his excellent research in the field of Food and Dairy Technology.


Chocolate Cake is high in fat and may make a significant contribution to an individual’s calorie intake which leads to obesity, cancer, coronary heart disease and stroke in consumer. Most of the consumer selected calorie reduced foods for weight management and maintain good health. Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus L.) Seed Flour (JFSF) can be substituted at a certain level for wheat flour to satisfy consumer demands to increase fibre content in foods without sacrificing preferred sensory properties. JFSF has commercial potential for application as a cheap source of fibre, which tackles obesity problems. The product made out of JFSF found to be high in phenolic and antioxidant activities. An attempt has been made to blend 5-15% jackfruit seed flour (JFSF) for cake preparation by partial replacement of wheat flour. Thus it can be concluded that the enrichment of chocolate cake with JFSF will enhance the antioxidant properties as well as dietary fibre content as a remedy for weight mangement. As per sensory evaluation (over all acceptability) T1 (Flour : JFSF = 95:05) found to be best among all the treatments. As per nutritional composition (dietary fibre and antioxidant content) T3(Flour : JFSF = 85:15) found to be best among all the treatments.