Jorge Alberto Lopez Ortiz

RYC food, Mexico

Title: Thinking outside the box is not fought with quality


Jorge Alberto Lopez Ortiz is an industrial engineer by autonomous popular Puebla State University, doing a Masters in strategic planning at the University of the Americas Puebla. He is the head of manufacturing for a company of Meat AAA in Mexico and has a patent pending for agribusiness, he has developed his professional career in the automotive and textile industry, has focused its business efforts to provide satisfactory solutions for customer, and profitable for the organizations.


The traditional mode of production was once thought out of the box, but with quality. Today it is difficult for us to spend a single day of our lives without the smartphone, without internet, without a car, etc. These articles must largely the people who observed a problem and thought of a solution out of the box. From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, we are today full of quality items that have survived because someone thought outside the box and thinking outside the box with quality is something for everyone, just that you should have a strategy for dealing with resistance to change that is in all individuals. Also it is true that people who think outside the box and do it with quality, or people who are able to capitalize on the ideas of these people make a lot of money, just enough to flip the face and see the results that innovative companies have. The business world is no longer like 100 years ago, used to be called transform or die, today we are in the era of Innovate or die for business, innovation today is no longer a differentiator for a business, as it was (for example) to Apple Iphone but a pillar strategy businesses and individuals.