K Padmaja

Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, India

Title: Biochemical and therapeutic studies of postpartum indigestion (ppi) in buffaloes


K Padmaja is currently working in Sri Venkineswara Veterinary University, India. His research interest is Biochemical and therapeutic studies


Out of 320 recently calved buffaloes with the history of reduced feed intake and decreased milk yield, 90 buffaloes were found suffering with postpartum indigestion basing on detailed clinical examination. These 90 animals were subjected to urinalysis to find the occurrence of PPI in relation to hepatic insufficiency and subclinical production diseases (subclinical hypocalcaemia and subclinical ketosis). Basing on the cow side urinalysis, the animals were grouped in to different groups and compared with healthy animals. Biochemical and therapeutic studies were conducted. Results in detail will be discussed.

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