Kalpana Dhuri

Kalpana Dhuri

Ayurvedic Consultant, India

Title: Role of Ayurceuticals in Swasthasya Swasthyarakshanam (wellness)


Dr. Kalpana Dhuri has got significant experience in clinical research and business development in personal care products and Dermatological, Cosmetological and Nutracosmeceutical and ayurceutical areas. Expertise in establishing Health Spa Services as new business ventures and innovating on Healthcare, Personal Care and Spa Services. Enterprising leader with strong analytical, organisational and interpersonal skills. Currently working as a managing director of a panchkarma centre,Kalpanas Ayuhub, Mumbai. And consultant to Bioexperts Clinical Research Institute. Honorary consultant to Nair hospital.Honarary reader at BSAMS Ayurvedc college Sawantwadi. Had given consultancy to Marico ltd,Colgate Palmolive,Nicholas Piramal,Brihans pharma,Uttam Pharma.Had been medical advisor to Zandu.Had been Head of department,Natural products division,Raptakos,Brett &CO and Had been a Part of clinical research team ,MRCKHS,Mumbai She has Published several medical papers in International journals.Reviewer to journals medical science,AIM,JAIM; Author of the Book on Home Remedies - Ayurveda Ani Gharache Aushdha. Translated the book Saundarya Ani Vanaushadhi (Marathi) to Beauty through herbs (English).Ex -Associate Editor of the Heritage Healing magazine and author of the column - Aurvedatun Arogya in a Marathi weekly.


Ayurceuticals is a subset of the universe of FOOD SUPPLEMENTS (FSSAI), are products with documented quality, safety and efficacy, based on the principles and practice of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha, with Consensual and Congruent Validity of Nutra-Ayurveda. Its scope for the local and the global markets is humongous. AYURCEUTICALS can provide for the unmet needs of the health-care viz. care of the elderly, metabolic & degenerative diseases, promotion of health & development of children, and complementary therapy in cancer, allergy and immune disorders. Ayurceuticals improve the life style by improving the quality of life, The association of nutraceuticals with traditional medicine Ayurveda is well accepted by consumers. Ayurvedic concept of Aajasrik Rasayana’ (general rejuvenation) deals with food products that can be consumed daily for maintaining the health (swasthasya swasthyarakshanam).In this paper we will discuss the role ,scope, need and potential of ayurceuticals.

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