Kathur Suhardi finished his study in Islamic Education, Institut of Darussalam Islamic Studies on 1984. He is the founder of Assabil Holy Holistic, Jakarta Indonesia, a clinic dedicated for Hijamah practice and it’s education for more that 21.000 trainee nation-wide, Brunei and Malaysia. He is chief of commissioner of Indonesian Hijamah Association (ABI).


Blood cupping on umm mughith, as depicted by Salm, Rasul’s maid that whoever came upon Rasulullah and complained his suffering around their head, He commanded them to have hijamah on umm mughith. From that prophetic saying, we can conclude that hijamah could treat diseases that affect function of the head, or central nervous system complains for more specific.Umm mughith situated on the most upper section of human’s skull, or more often known as vertex. Passing within vertex is sagittal suture that boundaries left parietal bone and the right one. Besides that suture are numbers of small hole called parietal foramen. Passing within it are emissary veins that connect superficial veins of scalp to superior sagittal sinus. As known that superior sagittal sinus drains blood from brains’ veins. Thus, cupping on umm mughith as recommended by Rasul might affect condition of human brain and it’s function. Diseases that correlate with central nervous system could be treated by cupping on vertex, or umm mughith based od anatomical basics depicted above. Those are brief explanation of how hijamah affects human body by excreting excess fluid and pathological substances on central nervous system, thus, promoting self-maintened physiological condition to utmost state of well being. Further explanation should be discussed in this session.