Kevin Murray

BioSpherix, USA

Title: Better manufacturing practice for cell therapies


Kevin Murray, VP Global Sales for BioSpherix, Ltd. BS BioChemistry, MBA Finance & Marketing, 20+ Years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical Research Industry. He completed his Masters in Business Administration in California State University, San Diego. He is interested in Marketing communications of Biotechnology and Medical Devices.


The Xvivo Barrier Isolator reduces risk and provides superior process control for the culture, processing, and expansion of cell-based therapeutics. Total isolation protects the cells from possible contamination, the people from viral vectors, prions, as well as allow for the optimization of the cell environment. Critical cell environmental factors such as temperature, RH, CO2 and O2 can be controlled, monitored and uninterrupted throughout the entire cell production process. Dynamic incubation options allow for adjustments in incubation conditions which keep up with the changing needs of dynamic cell cultures. Superior process control results in a higher quality cell product and more consistent results for your entire protocol.

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