Khaled Ismail Ghaleb is an Assistant professor of immunology, King Khalid University, faculty of Applied Medical science, Saudia Arabia. He completed his Ph.D. in Immunology, Cairo University, Egypt (2008). His area of interest are Innate immunity and signal transduction research, Cancer research and molecular immunology research, Transcriptional factors of cancer and Stem cells research. He published more than 10 research artcles and attended more than 5 international conferences.


The current study aim to characterized the thalassemia mutations in Bisha, Saudia arabia using amplification refractory mutation system(ARMS) in detection of the IVSI-110, IVSI-6 and codon 39 mutations. The study comprised of 50 cases from King Abdullah hospital, 20 females and 30 males and the age between 3 -25 years. The result revealed that IVS110 were7 cases (14%) homozygous and 15 cases (30%) heterozygous, IVSI-6 were 6 cases(12%) homozygous and 16 cases(32%) heterozygous , finally the codon 39 mutations were 2 cases(4%) homozygous and 12 cases(24%) heterozygous. The conclusion is the high incidence of mutations were in IVSI-110 were 7% and the low incidence were codon 39 for beta thalassemia in Bisha, Saudia Arabia by using ARMS technique