Khaled M. Mansour

Khaled M. Mansour

Alexandria Oral Implantology Association

Title: The phenomenon of ectopic eruption of the teeth clinical point of view



An ectopic tooth can be found in sites outside of the oral cavity, and can be a supernumerary, deciduous or permanent tooth. The maxillary sinus and palate are the most frequently affected sites, while the mandibular condyle, coronoid process, orbits, and facial skin are affected much more rarely. Intranasal dental eruptions are another of the more unusual ectopic teeth, which present in the nasal cavity and are quite rare. The etiology of ectopic eruption is still unclear and many theories have been suggested including trauma, infection, cyst, tumor, crowding, and developmental abnormalities. In many cases, however, the etiology cannot be identified. Ectopic eruption of teeth and may cause a variety of symptoms and complications. Clinical examination and radiographic imaging are extremely helpful in making the diagnosis. After complete evaluation, removal of the ectopic tooth is appropriate in order to prevent further complications. The etiologic, clinical, radiographic aspects and treatment for these teeth will be discussed in this lecture.

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