Kimberly Cheramie completed her masters in Nursing Education in 2009 from LSUSHC School of Nursing in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is the director of Continuing Nursing Education at LSUHSC School of Nursing, the fl agship nursing school of the state of Louisiana. She serves as the lead nurse planner of the accredited provider unit through American Nurses Credentialing Center. She serves as a team lead appraiser for ANCC and a surveyor for Joint Accreditation through ANCC, ACCME and ACPE. She has 10 years experience in critical care and oncology nursing and 13 years as a nurse educator.


In an eff ort to align funding and resource management, academic medical centers have adopted variations of mission-based management and budgeting. Although the implementation of this management approach can be complex in its data collection and reporting, there are lessons that continuing education departments and provider units can take from the philosophy of mission-based management.

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