Kyczy Hawk

Kyczy Hawk

Yoga and the Twelve Step Path, USA

Title: Yoga: Its use as a recovery tool and for relapse prevention


Kyczy (Keet-ski) Hawk is a registered Yoga teacher, having been taught from the Himalayan Yoga tradition. She is also the author of the recently released booth “Yoga and the Twelve Step Path” as well as “Addiction Recovery with Yoga; Using the Koshas for Healing” (Amazon e-book August, 2012). She has taught yoga to people in recovery in jails, treatment centers and in studios for fi ve years. She is a certifi ed Y12SR leader (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery) holding groups in the San Jose area of California for over two years. She is also the creator and one of the instructors of SOAR, Success Over Addiction and Relapse, a certifi cation program for yoga teachers who wish to teach people in recovery.


Yoga, the physical practice and the ancient wisdom of its teachings, can be adapted and adopted in the recovery settings to enhance recovery. Th e tools and awareness’s cultivated with this practice can be utilized in relapse prevention. Some of the major trigger to and signs of release are: a steady practice of guided yoga can bring a heightened awareness of these feelings, thoughts and sensations as they begin to develop: allowing the recovering addict to take steps to avoid it. Both utilizing the skills learned in a yoga practice, the discernments from the yoga philosophy and the practical tools from 12 Step recovery programs a path to health becomes the preferred choice. Th is is a subject that is coming more and more well known and there are organizations and foundations that are currently gathering evidence to support brining yoga into recovery situations. Being able to support the client / patient in the treatment center and to off er ongoing aft er care support can reintegrate the client / recoverer into body mind and spirit cohesion and bring the person to a better level of health over all. Working with well known yogis such as Nikki Myers (Y12SR Intensive and Leadership trainings, Citiyoga, IND), Durga Leela (Yoga of Recovery certifi cation, Sivananda Yoga Retreat Centers) and Annalisa Cunningham (Stretch and Surrender, No California) as well has being a panel participant at the 2012 Esalen “Yoga and Addiction Recovery; A Celebration of Healing” the importance of yoga in the recovery process is being studied and embraced across the nation.

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