Lacha Rueangkit

Lacha Rueangkit

Mahidol University, Thailand

Title: 12 steps in methamphetamine recovery: Case study in Thailand


Lacha Rueangkit completed BPolSc in 2013. She is a Master student of Addiction Studies Program, ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University. Her research is in the area of alternative treatment in addiction with an interest in research on drug and alcohol addiction.


Drug addict treatment program aims in recovery of mind and body in the clients. Holistic approach is explored and represented for mind and body together. In addition, those programs will set up intervention support cognition and behavioral change. Recently, addiction treatment alternatives were used. This study was action research and aimed to study effective 12 steps in methamphetamine addict. According to 12 steps recovery program, the Buddhist principles were applied which focuses on faith and wisdom. It always reviews your own past actions and they should accept the mistakes of the past. Besides that, they should be guilty to the person in respect and apology should be made. Whenever clients have adopted 12 steps according to Buddhist principles, they not only can modify their methamphetamine abstinence but can also achieve happiness in daily life. The result showed the clients changed during continuum care and prevent relapse. Finally they achieved the quality to live a happy life.

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