Lana Dalbah

Lana Dalbah

European University College

Title: Orthodontic considerations in multidisciplinary treatment plans


Dr. Lana Dalbah, has completed her dental degree from university of Jordan in 2002, and her masters and specialty degree in Orthodontics from the university of the Pacific, San Francisco, California in 2007. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics. She is the former chair and director of the postgraduate orthodontic program at the Boston University in Dubai. Currently, she is an assistant professor in the postgraduate orthodontic program in the EUC, European University College in Dubai (formerly the Nicholas & Asp), and holds a part time private practice too. Dr. Lana has special interest in interceptive orthodontics and multidisciplinary treatments. She is the head of the multidisciplinary committee at the EUC College.


Orthodontic treatment is perceived by many dental practitioners as the comprehensive two year treatment that is recommended for patients with malocclusions such as crowding, spacing, deep bite, open bite, under bite,…etc. This presentation will discuss how limited orthodontic treatment (to either one arch or few teeth), and for a short period of time, can be added to your comprehensive treatment plan to enhance tremendously the esthetic, restorative, and periodontal outcome of your adult cases. Congenitally missing permanent teeth is also one of the common issues we see in the dental practice. Management of those cases from a multidisciplinary approach will also be discussed to know what options you can offer your patients depending on their growth status and financial capabilities. Learning Objectives: • To be able to decide which cases would benefit from limited orthodontic treatment for better restorative, esthetic, and periodontal outcomes. • To learn how to manage missing permanent teeth in growing vs. non-growing patients • To learn about smile design and smile components