The purpose of the paper is to identify the effect of Motivation forces on the performance of the employees in the large sized IT industry. The Motivation forces selected for the study were: Work Itself, Responsibility, Recognition, Promotion and Growth. A standardized questionnaire was selected as a tool for data collection. Then a quantitative analysis was done to arrive at the findings that Growth is the most important Motivation forces among the employees in the large scaled IT industry as per the sample chosen. Sample size taken was 216. The statistical technique used in this research was Partial Correlation and Correlation. The results identified a high correlation between Motivation forces and Motivation, a high correlation between Motivation forces and Performance except Responsibility. The primary reason for lack of motivation was identified as lack of appreciations was mentioned by most of the respondents. High percentage of people is motivated to work and therefore their performance had increased in the past 6 months. Another interesting finding revealed that an employee is highly motivated if he/she is satisfied with the work assigned. Whereas giving responsibility will not always motivate them to work. It was an obvious finding that an employee is highly demotivated when he/she is under stress. Finally, most of the respondents stressed a point that they were satisfied by the motivation given by the company.