Dr Zhang is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science in Northumbria University and also serves as an Honorary Research Fellow in University of Birmingham. Dr Zhang holds expertise in artificial intelligence, intelligent robotics, and digital diagnosis. She gained her PhD and postdoctoral experience from University of Birmingham. Previously, she was a PI for a TSB-funded project in collaboration with National Autistic Society. Currently she works on the EU-funded cLINK project in collaboration with 14 partners and hosts postdoctoral/PhD researchers as a co-PI. She is also an editorial board member for two International Journals and an Associate Editor for Decision Support Systems.


Lifelong health and wellbeing is one of the five societal challenges the world is facing. Emerging technologies and new knowledge have been used to tackle such challenges faced by humanity. Personalised health management and care attracts great attention. It can help to improve our ability for health monitoring, disease prevention, detection and treatment. This research aims to develop such a personalised health management scheme for automatic disease diagnosis and health monitoring using mobile and cloud computing platforms. It will employ research in imaging, sensing, robotics and medical science for disease diagnosis from facial, retinal and blood images and physiological data collected by bio-sensors. This intelligent scheme will be developed to perform fusion of the multi-channel outputs using Smartphones to make decision for possible further analysis in cloud environments. A disease diagnosis framework will be developed in the cloud platform to analyse the supplied inputs from the Smartphone to identify possible links with specific diseases.