Linda Galvan

Linda Galvan

St Davids Georgetown Hospital, USA

Title: Have we done all we can do?


Linda Galvan is a Forensic Nurse Examiner/Consultant at St. Davids Round Rock Medical Centre. 23 years as a registered nurse with primary practice as trauma nurse and sexual assault nurse examiner/forensic nurse. She is currently a content expert/ consultant for the US Air Force in the area of sexual assault.


Domestic violence and sexual assault continue to be a tremendous problem in not only in the United States, but internationally. Strangulation, one of the most violent acts of domestic violence, is often under reported and under treated. When the blood vessels and air passages contained within the neck are compressed, death can occur within 4-5 minutes. It takes only 4 pounds per square inch (psi) to block off the blood vessels in the neck. Twenty five percent of all traumatic deaths worldwide and ten percent of violent deaths in the Unites States occur from strangulation annually. Organizations such as National Family Justice Center, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence, Texas Council on Family Violence, and the Strangulation Training Institute, continue to work diligently to put domestic violence and strangulation issues on the map and increase awareness and funding for more programs. However Congress and State Legislation, continues to ignore the need for funding to support these programs. Women continue to die from domestic violence at the hands of their significant others daily. In 2012, 142 women died in the state of Texas from domestic violence. Have we done all we can do if 142 women die due to violence?

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