Linda Galvan

Linda Galvan

St. Davids Round Rock Medical Center, USA

Title: Domestic violence: The medical forensic response


Linda Gavlan is a SANE Coordinator, Trauma Coordinator at St. David's Georgetown Hospital. Experience of 45 years as registered nurse working in a variety of roles including critical care, flight nursing, trauma, and forensics. Recently completed extensive training in forensics through the University of California at Riverside Forensic Nursing Certification Program. Linda has also served on the Governor's Trauma Advisory Council for the State of Texas.


Each year countless numbers of men, women, and children present to emergency rooms and urgent care centers seeking treatment following acts of domestic violence. Many times law enforcement is not involved until tragedy has struck. Working with emergency department staff can greatly improve victim outcomes and help law enforcement to understand why they may not see any visible injuries. Careful documentation of symptoms is key to successful outcomes. This presentation will provide detailed information about the physiology of domestic violence and the nearly invisible killer: strangulation. The content of this presentation is based on the education and experience of the presenters who have more than sixty years of trauma experience and twenty five years of forensic clinical experience

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