Linfang Huang

Linfang Huang

Institute of Medicinal Plants Development, China

Title: Newer insight into Daodi herb research:ecotype theory and practice


Linfang Huang received PhD degree in Pharmacognosy in 2003 from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She got postdoctoral training in Kyoto University, Japan. She is a full-time researcher in Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. As a first and corresponding author, she has published more than 100 scientific papers in reputed journals, and obtained 3 patents. She currently serves as a reviewer for more than 10 scientific journals. Her research interests are focused on Daodi drug, medicinal plant resources, quality evaluation & identification, as well as the drug discovery from natural resources.


"Daodi herb plays essential roles in Traditional Chinese Medicinal, and is unique for Chinese Medicinal Materials (CMM). It means good qulity, high yield, special processing technique, and most importantly, it is usually produced in specific geographic region. Due to complex and diverse climatic and geographical ecological conditions in China, unique eco-diversity of CMM has been formatted, which is characterized by multi-local, multi-Daodi herb. Currently, the comparative research on Daodi herb vs. non Daodi herb is hot topic within China. However, some questions need to be answered: how to identify and authenticate the Daodi herb? What are the ecological characteristics of Daodi herb and what is the critical ecological factors influencing the formation of Daodi herb (ecotype)? What are the correlations between the ecotypes and environment, quality and hereditary basis? Here, updated case studies on ecotypes of Cistanche deserticola based on chemical component and molecular Traits; quality variation and ecotype division of Panax quinquefolium L. in China; correlative study between ecological factors and chemical constituents of Notopterygii Rhizoma Et Radix of endangered plateau plant and Dendrobium are reported. "