Lisa Boctor completed her graduate degree in nursing from the University of Alabama in 2009, specializing in Rural Case Management. She has been teaching nursing clinical at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for the last four years, including Fundamentals of Nursing and Medical- Surgical Nursing II. She has been published in the international nursing journal, Nurse Education in Practice.


The majority of nursing students are kinesthetic learners, preferring a hands-on, active approach to education. Research shows that active-learning strategies can increase student learning and satisfaction. Today's students are accustomed to living in a highly technological world. Millennials, students born in or aft er 1982, have different learning preferences than their predecessors. Nursing faculty oft en favor teaching methods that clash with these learning preferences. Recognizing and providing innovative teaching strategies to address students' generational diversity is important for maximizing student retention and progress. Th is study looks at the needs of Millennial learners as well as the use of one active-learning strategy, a Jeopardy-style game, 'Nursopardy', to reinforce Fundamentals of Nursing material. Th e game was used to aid in students' preparation for a standardized fi nal exam. Th e game was created keeping students varied learning styles, which were tested, and the NCLEX blueprint in mind. Th e blueprint was used to create 5 categories, with 26 total questions. Student survey results, using a five-point Likert scale showed that they did find this learning method enjoyable and beneficial to learning.

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