Lucas LC Chia

Lucas LC Chia

DP Derm

Title: Non-invasive Face Lift – A forgotten Approach!


Dr.Chia has done his Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, AAAM, USA, 2010 and Diploma in Practical Dermatology, University of Cardiff, UK, 2008-2009 & Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Obstetrics, Queen ’s University of Belfast, UK, 2000-2005. Currently he is the Founder & Medical Director, IDO ’S Clinic (Malaysia & Indonesia ) & Medical Director, Apex Cosmeceutical Group of Companies, Malaysia & Singapore.


Facial aging is a multi-etiological and 3 dimensional process that involves deterioration of skin laxity, volume loss, muscle atrophy, loss/redistribution of facial fat, changes in bony structures and etc. Multiple breakthroughs have been devised for the goal of non- to minimal invasive facelift; ranging from radiofrequency, high intensity focused ultrasound, thread lift, mesotherapy, fractional lasers and amongst others. What these treatments have in common is stimulation and remodeling of the underlying collagen, thereby, achieving an overall tightening of the skin. As too much emphasis has been placed on the replenishment of the collagen; facial muscles, being one of the key aspects contributing to the aging have often been overlooked! Facial muscles stimulation or commonly termed as “Muscle Re-Education ” has been studied since 60 ’s. Unfortunately, there were limited clinical data to support this theory. Furthermore, it is commonly regarded as beautician treatment, thereby neglected as a useful clinical treatment. “Muscle Re-Education ” has been deployed in all our centers (IDO ’S Clinic ) since 2012 and remarkable results have been obtained that reverse visible signs of aging. This treatment uses pulsed micro currents of low frequency and low intensity to produce shortening effect on the facial muscles that have been elongated over time due to aging and gravity. Visible improvements are observed at nasolabial fold, jawline, malar, necks and a small extent, periorbital areas. The results are cumulative. The evidence on use of solitary pulsed micro currents that we have collected over the last 2 years is convincing. We have also collected multiple successful clinical cases when it is used with other treatments (various botanical extracts ) to provide synergistic effects on aging skin.