Lucy Love have been the Clinical Director for G4s Forensic and Medical services, U.K for 3 years and as train doctors, nurses and police officers in forensic sexual assault medicine and am clinically responsible for the management of 12 Sexual Assault Referral Centres [SARCS] scattered throughout the UK, as G4s both manage and staff the centres and provide the forensic medical examiners. I have been responsible for starting the first nurse practical training program for sexual assault examiners in the UK, so G4s are pioneers in this field, following the U.S approach of using SANE's not just doctors. I have been a sexual offences examiner for 15 years and I also work for the National Health Service as an Associate Specialist in Genito-urinary Medicine and Psychosexual Medicine. I conduct paediatric forensic examinations on child victim of sexual abuse and run training programs to enable Paediatricians to gain the necessary skills to manage these complex cases. I have contributed a chapter to a book on Forensic Gynaecology, entitled "Special issues-the Elderly".


There are major differences in the management of Sexual Assault in the U.S and the U.K. The professionals and their training to enable them to conduct these sexual assault examinations differ radically between the 2 countries and even the definition of what constitutes a rape is not the same. The setting for these examinations is also different and using UK data from 12 different counties, the advantages and disadvantages of the UK system are explored.

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