Lucy Love has been a Forensic Medical Examiner for 15 years and a Psychosexual counselor for 13 years. I am presently the Clinical Director of G4s Forensic and Medical Services and run a weekly Psycho-sexual Clinic within the NHS. I have written and published papers both in Forensic medical and Psycho-sexual journals.


The notes of 100 patients who attended a psycho-sexual clinic in the UK, between 2011 and 2013 were analyzed and the frequency as a percentage, with which sexual abuse or a sexual assault was disclosed, calculated. Patients with an obvious physical cause for their psycho-sexual problems, such as Diabetes were excluded. Patients presented with a wide range of psycho-sexual problems and the relationship between sexual abuse/ assault and the specific type of psycho-sexual problem was also explored. The results would support more financial investment into initial counseling and domestic/ sexual violence services to prevent the development of serious long-term psycho-sexual sequelae which are very costly to treat, both in terms of finance and clinic time .

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