M. A. Martin-Luengo

M. A. Martin-Luengo

Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, CSIC, Spain

Title: Bioecomaterials from agri-wastes


M. A. Martin Luengo, graduated in Chemistry (UAM, Spain) in 1980 and presented her Master on oxidation catalysts and her phD on the supported metal catalysts (CSIC, Spain) in 981 and 1983 respectively, with highest qualifications. She then worked till 1987 in England and Belgium and in 1987 she obtained a fellowship IA to work on Fischer Tropsch processes (SERC, England). In 1992 she gained a permanent position of Research Scientist in the CSIC of Spain. Nowadays she carries out research on environmental issues, has ca. 100 papers, several patents and is member of RSC and ACS.


Sub-products from the agricultural industry are being employed as renewable low cost raw materials in the design of Ecomaterials for use in a number of industrial processes of great interest. These materials can compete with conventional ones since with this process a sustainable cycle is closed, in which the residues of one industry are used as raw materials in the same or other industries. Some applications being developed are: Preparation of biomaterials, Bio-refinery processes, catalysis with alternative energy sources and improvement of enzymatic processes.