"M.Kanakadurga is working as an Asst. Professor."


"Sustainable development has become the dream of everlasting prosperity which inspires discourse rather than deeds. Exploration resumes at the Rio+20 Conference in June when world leaders will be reminded that their domestic difficulties have no lasting remedy unless they are aligned with stewardship of our planetary home and provision for all members of the human family. In the words of UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon: “sustainable development is the imperative of the twenty-first century.” The three dimensions to be looked into for the sustainable development are - economic growth, human development and environmental protection. A scrutiny of development from local level to globalisation is needed to assess the role of sustainable development and its effect in the twenty-first century. A overall observation will pave the way for the conclusion that sustainablity is best viewed as a socially instituted process of adaptive change in which innovation is a necessary element."