M Kishan Kumar

M Kishan Kumar

Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, India

Title: Economics of feeding sheanut cake based complete diets in lactating buffaloes


M Kishan Kumar completed his MVSc.(Dairy production) from ANGRAU, Hyderabad and Ph.D (LPM) from SVVU, Tirupati. He is presently the Professor and Head at Instructional Livestock Farm Complex, College of Veterinary Science, Korutla. He published 30 research papers in reputed journals and 100 popular articles. One book of his was published by LAP Lambert Academy International, Germany. More than 50 of his Television programmes were telecasted. 15 Radio programmes were also broadcasted. He received the Best poster presentation Award during the International Buffalo conference held at New Delhi, India in February 2010. He also received the Rythu Bandhu Award at Hyderabad, India in June 2013. He guided more than 10,000 livestock farmers.


Two complete diets were formulated using palm press fibre (PPF) (20% and 15%) and Chopped Jowar Straw (20% and 25%) as roughage source and sheanut cake (18.5% and 28% ) along with locally available concentrate ingredients (roughage concentrate ratio,40:60) and processed into mash (RII) and (RIII) and compared with conventional ration to (RI) chopped jowar straw, green jowar fodder and concentrate mixture fed separately to study the cost economics in three groups of graded Murrah buffaloes in each comprising of 4 animals for an experimental duration of 120 days. The mean values of cost of feed /kg milk yield were non significantly lower with complete diet RIII (Rs.9.86) and diet RII (Rs. 10.55) than RI (Rs.10.56). Marginal decrease in feed cost was observed with RIII (Rs. 0.70/kg milk ) and RII (Rs.0.01/kg milk ) when compared to RI which might be due to lower DMI and better utilization of nutrients on complete diet (RIII). The results of the present study indicated that the complete diet (RIII) containing Jowar Straw (25%), palm press fibre (25%) and sheanut cake (28%), showed positive tendency in improving milk yield, milk fat yield, 6% FCM yield and decreased cost of milk production. Further more, incorporation of sheanut cake in complete diets has reduced the cost of feed by 4.6%.

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