Dr. Madhura Deepak Mukadam, has completed her Ph. D. in Zoology with specialization in Environmental Toxicology, from University of Mumbai in 2012. She is working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Zoology, Gogate Jogalekar College, (University of Mumbai), Ratnagiri(MS), India. She has published more than 22 research papers in various national and international research journals.


The phytoplankton communities and related physical-chemical features off the Ratnagiri sea coast were studied during the study period from October 2013 to March, 2014. Samples were taken from three stations like Mirkarwada, Dabhol and Burondi in Ratnagiri district. The phytoplankton community (quantitative, qualitative and Chlorophyll-a) have been studied, in addition to many environmental parameters such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and Salinity (‰). Total of 60 phytoplankton genera were identified out of which 16 genera showed 66 species. Some algal genera dominated mostly in the study period and sites such as Coscinodiscus, Nitzschia sigma, Chaetoceros spp. and Thallasionema nitzschoides. A statistical analysis was done using the canonical correspondence analysis (CCA).

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