Maen Mahfouz

Maen Mahfouz

Arab American University

Title: The neglected phase in Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment


Dr. Maen Mahfouz is a lecturer at the Dental faculty - Arab American University- Jenin, Palestine. He received his DDS degree in 1998 from Al-Ba’ath University in Humus, Syria and his MDS and Specialty in Orthodontics - Pediatric Dentistry in 2003 from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. He is Certified by P. Med. Council (Palestinian Board in Orthodontics) 2005. He is a fellow of World Federation of orthodontists. He has shared many of international conferences in different countries. He is an author of several published papers in reputed journals.


It is well known that the leading factors for orthodontic patients to attend orthodontic office either due to esthetic concern , functional concern or / and oral health concern. In this presentation the light has been thrown on one of fundamental aspects in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment that is function by presenting clinical case demonstrating the importance of this phase in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment .