Majid Avijgan

Majid Avijgan

Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Title: Triple burner or San jiao as a real or false space of body


Majid Avijgan has graduated at the age of 25 years from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) and specialty in Infectious Diseases at the age of 29. He is full professor of Infectious Diseases and also Traditional Medicine Department of IUMS. He has published more than 65 papers in reputed journals and 4 books (in Persian) and serving as an editorial board member of several Iranian and foreign journal of Medicines. He has a hypothesis indicating that the concepts of Traditional and Conventional Medicine have potential to be rewrite with a new integrative concepts which is understandable for all health practitioner including Traditional And conventional.


There are some terms that are not yet reported in Western Medicine like Meraque in Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) or Triple Energizer (TE) or San Jiao (SJ) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These organ(s) can explain most of the signs and symptoms of patients, which many of them being related to mind body disorder in western Medicine. There is a hypothesis indicating this organ must be an actual organ. By considering the embryologic and anatomical viewpoint, this report will try to open a door in reader’s mind which shows the presence of Meraque/TE in human body. In embryologic developmental stages, and after gastrulation, there are three layers which are named ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. Mesoderm is the origin of many internal organs by forming two separate layers of somatic and splanchnic layer and an invisible space as Coelom. One layer will be under the skin and the other layer will cover the internal organs. This cavity or space can probably be the origin of Meraque/TE (SJ) and can be like a way for interconnection between internal organ and the surface of the body. In this case, most mechanisms of Traditional Medicine and even Acupuncture can be explained.
By tracing the embryo from the first days of fertilization up to well-developed stages, it is clear that there is an invisible space between visible anatomical organs which can be the same as Meraque/TE. In other word, this is for the first time which Coelom is presented as Meraque/TE.