Malvika K Patel

Malvika K Patel

Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc, UK

Title: Role of clinical pharmacist


Malvika K. Patel has completed her B.Pharmacy at the age of 22 years from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and M.Sc. in Formulation science from Greenwich University. She has been working for Sigma pharmaceuticals from March 2013, worked as a Compounding Pharmacist for Vertical Pharma Resources, UK. Member of Pharmacy council of India.


Pharmacy is a healthcare profession and is characterised as a key intermediate between a patient and general practitioners. Significant changes have occurred within the profession in past few decades, due to increase population, innovations in the drug delivery systems, resulting in increase demand for the clinical counselling skills of the pharmacist. Thus the specialised knowledge of the pharmacist is not only utilised in dispensing the prescribed drugs but also in minimising dispensing errors increased patient compliance, and better chronic disease management. The strong patient-pharmacist relationship can be maintained by means of clinical pharmacy. The role of clinical pharmacist with respect to hospitalised patient has evolved overtime, with increased emphasis on medical interactions, adverse events and medication appropriateness. In addition to these services interacting with health care team on patient routine, re-counselling medication providing patient discharge counselling and follow up results in improved out comes. Th us, clinical pharmacy service provided by a community pharmacist during the practise has a potential to provide valuable contribution to the health care profession.

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