Manisha G. Dunghav

Manisha G. Dunghav

Dr.D.Y.Patil College of Ayurved & Research institute, India

Title: Sroto-Rodha (i.e.) blockage of channels- A critical study


Dr. Manisha Dunghav has completed her B. A. M. S. from Mumbai University and M.D. from K.G.M.P 'S Ayurved medical college, Mumbai University. She has completed her M. A. degree in Sanskrit Grammar from Mumbai University. She is working as Associate Professor in the Department of Basic Principles of Ayurved at Dr.D.Y.Patil College of Ayurved & Research institute, Navi Mumbai. She takes part in various social activities like conducting medical camps, health awareness program in various schools & colleges. She is working as a Co-Chairman of Anti-Ragging committee of the college and a member of B.G.A, NIMA, MAASD Organizations.


Aggravated dosha is one of the important causes of diseases. These aggravated doshas get lodged in channels which lead to abnormality or blockage of channels which ultimately leads to various diseases. Apart from abnormality of digestive fire & suppression of urges, blockage of channels is another important cause of disease. This study was proposed to explain responsible factors for blockage of channels which leads to many diseases and its treatment. The channels of circulation carry the tissue elements or their constituents undergoing transformation to their destination. System of circulation is called as channel. Aggravated dosha when travel through the body gets lodged in the site of abnormal channel where disease occurs. The cause of blockage of channel of the body and mind is contaminated diet and regimen. Due to blockage of channel, the function & quality of the dependent tissues get disturbed or decreased. Signs of abnormal channels are increased flow of the contents, obstruction, appearance of nodules in the channels and diversion of the flow. Obstruction & appearance of nodules in the channels can be included under blockage of channel.
Obstruction is a cause of functional blockage of channel and appearance of nodules is a cause of anatomical as well as functional blockage of channels. Removal of obstruction of channels is the only treatment. In the treatment of blockage of channels, purificatory & palliative treatments should be advocated along with psychic therapy in case of blockage of psychological channel.

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