Manmohan Singh, Ph.D. is currently the Head of Technical Development (TD) within Novartis Vaccines in Holly Springs, NC USA. He joined NVD TD in 2012 and prior to that had spent 16 years in the Research Division of formerly Chiron and now Novartis Vaccines. He was part of the Chiron/NVD vaccines research team that over the years has developed several innovative antigen and adjuvant delivery technologies. He is a licensed Pharmacist and holds a Masters and a PhD in Pharmaceutics from the National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi India. Dr. Singh is the author of over 120 original research publications, editor of four books on vaccine research and development and is an inventor on over 47 issued patents.


Most next generation vaccines comprised of highly purified recombinant antigens will require the inclusion of a potent adjuvant. Recent discovery of small molecule immune potentiators (SMIPs) adjuvants has generated a lot of excitement about the potential of these molecules for prophylactic vaccines. But optimizing the delivery of these molecules with vaccine antigens is a very complex undertaking, primarily to avoid systemic exposure of these molecules and enhance their safety profile. This presentation will cover one such novel immune potentiator and its delivery strategy.