Maria Clara Santos

Maria Clara Santos

Brazilian Red Cross Hospital, Brazil

Title: Exoderm, the safest and fastest deep peel


Maria Clara Santos is a physician and Professor. She was educated and trained in Brazil, where she currently resides in Sao Paulo. Her initial training was in general medicine and surgery. After that, she continued her education and got a postgraduate degree in dermatology. For many years, she has been devoted to non-surgical treatments for hair, skin, and fat reduction. Her high-level of devotion, scientifi c interest, and intellectual curiosity has fueled her interest in treating more challenging skin conditions; such as non-surgical full-face rejuvenation, stretch marks, and nonsurgical hair restoration. She also has special interest in non-surgical treatment for body contouring. She loves conducting cases and teaching doctors to do the same. She has presented lectures and workshops all over the world for more than 20 years and has received numerous national & international awards and is distinguished as an international master professor.


The signs of aging appear initially at the sun-exposed areas, mostly on the face. Th ey are expressed in form of wrinkles, pigmented spots and pre-cancerous lesions. In addition, skin laxity contributes to the old looking appearance, causing aesthetical and psychological non-satisfaction. Exoderm lift is a special deep phenol buff ered peel that solves in eight days all the facts related to the aging face. It was created by Dr. Yoram Fintsi, (1951–2001). Aft er Dr. Fintsi has passed away, Dr. Clara Santos continues Exoderm lift training around the world. Th e liquefaction of the skin, followed by the stimulation of the new collagen and elastic fi bers, creates the “internal lift ” which gives to the patients a much younger appearance and accordingly an improved self-confi dence. Giving equivalent or better results than the previous anti-aging methods like face-lift and laser resurface. Exoderm lift is performed under local sedation and in ambulatory basis, is considered the safest and fastest deep peel technique in the world.

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