Marlene Huff

Marlene Huff

The University of Akron

Title: Creating Healthy Teeth One Smile at a Time



Oral health has been acknowledged as an indicator of overall health. Yet, the incidence or oral pathology in children remains a significant issue for public health. To address this problem, a partnership between an academic program, a philanthropic organization and a public health program was established. Over 3 years, approximately 4000 children between the ages of 0 and 5 have been assessed of visual tooth health. Heath education, referrals, and fluoride varnishing were offered during those visits. At the first visit, 18.7 children had seen a dentist and at the second visit, 32.9%*of the children had seen a dentist. At the third visit, 37.4 %* had seen a dentist (*significant at .001). Tooth brushing also increased significantly from the first to the second and second to third visit. This type of interdisciplinary model supports the activity of oral health service in a community setting.

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