Marshall Gardner

Marshall Gardner

Dii Aerospace Laboratories, USA

Title: Infrastructure for civilian space tourist training facilities


Marshall D. Gardner has four decades of Project Concept, Project Management and Turn Key Completions for Fortune 500 companies and Governments worldwide. He is President of Dii Aerospace Laboratories pioneers in virtual reality Centrifuge Flight Simulators, including psychology and physiology human factors. Awards include a Telly Award. Mr Gardner President of Designs International leading designers, engineering and manufacturers of major theme park attraction with multiple IAAPA awards for: Best New Rides, Theme, Games and Designs. He is CEO of AIC International Corporation exporters of USA made transportation equipment for Aerospace, Automotive, Construction and Transportation Systems to OEM worldwide.


Infrastructure for Civilian Space Tourist Screening and Training Facilities address the emerging Civilian Space Tourist Market with an overview and executive summary of the Equipment requirements/possibilities and Organizational Areas. A review of historic space data of human factors, historic review of craft and pilot interaction, immediate post flight effects, as well as post flight effects. In addition, a review of the lack of baseline data, information and standards for average citizen in space The four major key areas of Medical - Simulation - Aircraft - Education and Training are discussed with insight into the interconnection and interfacing of these four key areas plus the additional market opportunities The presentation reviews the key equipment and facilities including Medical, Hyperbaric Chamber, High Altitude Training, Simulation desk top, Simulation platform type, Low G Centrifuge, High G Centrifuge, High G Test Track, Aircraft Weightless training, High Performance Orientation Flight training, Helicopter, Screening and Training Programs, Vehicle Specific training, Equipment training, along with Secondary Classes and Neutral Buoyancy training. Each of these areas is reviewed from major equipment costs, facility requirement, typical delivery timelines, and potential funding sources The overview includes revenue and likely market income streams of the Civilian Space Tourism discusses how equipment, facilities and interrelated areas can be used to produce income now and into the future from a number of other industries in a multi revenue stream.

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