Mary A. Maryland

Mary A. Maryland

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Title: Advancing clinical nursing excellence in Rwanda; A management perspective


Mary A Maryland completed her PhD at the University of Illinois at Chicago in nursing sciences and public health. She has worked with Aurelie Nkomeje, MSN nursing administration, Howard University, Durbin, South Africa.


Nursing care delivery that provides for excellent patient outcomes is a common expectation of patients and nurse administrators. Nurse employers demand and support clinical proficiency for nurses. The latest research and evidence based protocols are often just a mouse click away. These statements typically apply to nursing practice in the United States. However, resource poor countries, with the same needs for excellent nursing care delivery for their citizens, have challenges to meet the most basic nursing care requirements. The Rwanda Human Resources for Health (HRH) program is a partnership between the Rwanda Ministry of Health, the Clinton Health Access Initiative and a US Academic Consortium of medical and nursing schools. The goal of strengthening nursing and midwifery education, faculty development, and professionalism of Rwandan nursing, is achieved by having nurse faculty from US Academic Consortium Schools work directly with Rwandan nurse administrators, educators and clinicians in increments of at least one year. The conclusion of year two, of the seven year program, is demonstrating the effectiveness of nurse to nurse collaborations to improve clinical excellence in patient care delivery. Improvements have been achieved in patient outcomes and continuous professional development programs for nurses. Evaluation is ongoing and clinical nursing education changes are promising.