Mary Rohini Pentareddy


Title: A retrospective study of eclampsia in a tertiary care centre


Dr P Mary Rohini is perusing her MD in pharmacology in Mediciti Institute of Medical Sciences. She worked as senior resident in medical oncology department in MNJ Cancer Hospital and ESI Hospital. She presented adverse reactions in anticancer drugs in an international conference (SAC ACCP) conducted in Mumbai


Aim & objective: To evaluate incidence, management, perinatal & maternal morbidity/ mortality associated with Eclampsia in our hospital setting. Methodology: The retrospective study was conducted over a period of one year in Obstetrics and gynaecology department of Medi Citi Hospital, Ghanpur. Results: The incidence of eclampsia in our study was 1.3%. Majority of patients were in age group of 20-25 years (69.56%) and with a gestational age of 31-35 weeks (34.78%). Among 24 patients the 14 patients (56.52%) were primigravida. 21 patients (86.1%) presented with Antepartum, 1 patient (4.1%) with intrapartum and 2 (8.2%) patients with postpartum eclampsia. Caesarean delivery was the commonest mode of delivery in 14 (58%). The perinatal mortality was recorded in 6 patients (25%) and no maternal death occurred. Magnesium sulfate in 24 (99.99 %) was used for treatment of convulsion in eclamptic patient. Conclusion: Eclampsia is a life threatening complication of pregnancy, in our study there was no maternal mortality but perinatal outcome still needs to be improved. However an improvement in antenatal care, upgrading the neonatal facilities and early delivery by caesarean section can improve the perinatal outcome.

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