Maryam Jameel

Dental administration

Title: Introducing motivational interviewing to prevent dental caries among children


Maryam Jameel a dental hygienist has completed master dual degree from University of Michigan , school of public health and dental hygiene program. Ms. Jameel is a trainer at the Evidence Base Practice in Jeddah , KSA. She is the quality designee at the dental administration and works as a member of the preventive committee team since 2002. She published an article about incorporating dental hygiene care in DH programs ( curriculum considerations) . Her second article was about engaging religion preachers in preventing public health problems in Saudi Arabia (on process).


The motivational interviewing is a structured intervention designed to motivate the patient. It is a client-centered, directive method for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change by exploring and resolving ambivalence .This approach is different from pressuring a person through threats of negative health consequences, shame, or guilt. The core communications skills of motivational interviewing-asking, informing, and listening are well suited to helping people talk about, commit to, and undertake health behavior change. Empathy, hope, and respect provide the foundation for what is possible in recovery from co-occurring disorders. That’s why practitioners show individuals that they are listening and understand issues from their perspective by using reflective statements. Conventional (health) education, focusing on disseminating information and giving normative advice, is insufficient to achieve sustained behavioral changes. A counseling approach, motivational interviewing (MI), is potentially useful in changing oral health behaviors. This presentation will present a tool for helping patients feel engaged and in control of their health and care. In addition, suggesting ways to guide and motivate parents on how to use their authority effectively to implement healthy family lifestyles