Massimo Cecaro

Massimo Cecaro

University of Camerino, Italy

Title: One health approach to improve food safety


Massimo Cecaro was born in Macerata, Italy, in 1980. After comlpeting the high school in humanistic studies he successfully got a Master Degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Specialization in the field of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He obtained a qualification to practice as a Journalist and in 2007 he was admitted to the National Association of Medical Press (ASMI), where he currently hold postion of National Councilor. He is Resident Member of Medical Journalists’ Association (UK) and Executive Editor of JMCJ, Omics, LA. He has been co-author of several scientific paper in the field of Public Health.


About 30% of population living in industrialized countries suffers of an episode of food borne disease each year. Among the various factors invoked to explain this epidemiological trend, there are: a different mode of food supply, resulting in food chains longer than ever before, which have determined a longer shelf-life of food; the increase of population belonging to risk groups; new social behaviors characterized by frequent use of catering and ready-to-eat foods; the spread of intensive farming systems, that have made animals silent carriers of pathogenic bacteria through chemoprophylaxis. Within this scenario, the integrated approach of human and veterinary medicine (“One Health, One Medicine”) has been a fundamental step for the prevention of food borne diseases. Specific protocols based on a strict sinergy between human and veterinary medicine have been developed for monitoring zoonoses in Italy and Europe. Moreover, a rapid alert system for the real-time notification of public health emergencies concerning food (RASFF, i.e. rapid alert system for food and feed) has been widely applied. Finally, miscommunication of food-related risks by mass-media has often shaped public opinion and attitudes in a dramatic way. Therefore, a focused collaboration between medical experts and mass-media should be strongly recommended when healthrelated issues are divulged.

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