Dr. Meenakshi Pal has done UG From govt Ayurvedic college Gwalior (M.P),Presently Doing Post Graduation in pg Deptt.Of Prasuti And Stri Rog N.I.A Jaipur.


Garbhini Pandu or Anaemia during pregnancy is one of the important public health problems. About 4 - 16% of maternal deaths is due to anemia. It also increases the maternal morbidity, fetal and neonatal mortality and morbidity significantly.Anaemia in pregnancy is a condition with effects that may be delaterious to mothers and fetuses. Indeed, it is a known risk factor for many maternal fetal complications. Physiological anaemia occurs during pregnancy. There is disproportionate increase in plasma volume, RBC volume and haemoglobin mass during pregnancy which leads to physiological anaemia. If a pregnant lady does not take extra iron , her Hb level falls below 10gm/dl & pathological iron deficiancy anaemia develops.
The need for this study arise due to the wide prevelance, maternal and fetal risk,and lack of safe & cost effective ultimate treatment for anaemia in pregnancy.The study aims to to promote a safe, inexpensive and side effect free alternative ayurvedic management. The trial was conducted on clinically diagnosed cases of iron deficiancy anaemia during pregnancy.
In the present study shatavari mandur and iron folic acid tabelets were administered in groups to assess the comparative efficacy of both drugs. The results acieved by each group were statistically different from each other and Satavari mandoor was found to be twice as more effective than iron folic acid tablets. Furthermore there were no side effects of the drug-Shatavari mandur found in the present study.
Keywords: Anaemia during Pregnancy,Garbhini Pandu, Ayurvedic Treatement, Shatavari Mandur

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