Meital Portugal-Cohen

AHAVA Dead Sea laboratories, Israel

Title: Dead Sea topical effects scientifically approved data: Present status and new directions


Meital Portugal-Cohen has completed her Ph.D. in 2010 from School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (thesis concerning skin clinical conditions related to oxidative stress). Since then, she is AHAVA project manager for research and development, supervisor for biological researches and represents the company in FP7 projects of the EU (i.e., "SkinTreat", "NanoTher", "NanoRetox", "SmartNano", and "SuperFlex"). She has published more than 10 papers in the scientifi c literature and contributed for 2 patents application.


Since ancient time, Dead Sea (DS) aroused surprising degree of interest as a result of its exclusive location 427 meter below sea level, chemical composition and atmospheric properties. Th e DS area is unique for its natural therapeutic resources including exceptional composition of sun rays due to low altitude as well as unusual blend of minerals in DS water and DS Mud. Th e healing properties of DS minerals on skin have been well established by various researches. However, the benefi cial mode of action of DS minerals on skin is not fully understood. Osmoter™, a commercial and patented preparation of concentrated extracted DS water IP registered by "AHAVA-Dead Sea Laboratories" (AHAVA), exhibits various effi cacies on skin and is implemented in all AHAVA skincare products. Collaborating with leading universities and research centers, AHAVA has recently analyzed how human skin is aff ected by topical applied Osmoter™ in order to optimize its action, using innovative delivery strategies. Th ese studies revealed novel properties of Osmoter™ signifi cantly contributing to skin health and well being phenotype in diff erent modes of action related to biomarkers participating in skin barrier function, infl ammation, redox status, aging process and photo-damage response. Th e innovation regarding Osmoter™ and its eff ect on the diff erent biomarkers in skin, which can pave the way for better therapeutic effi cacy of both healthy and malfunctioning skin, will be discussed in the lecture-either by Osmoter™ itself, or either by its implementation in diff erent topical preparations and in diff erent concentrations.

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