Meri Goehring

Meri Goehring

Grand Valley State University

Title: Assistive devices for ambulation


Meri Goehring an assistant professor at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has published two articles on the use of ambulation devises. She teaches biomechanics as well as the acute care content and continues to practice clinically in Grand Rapids.


Assistive devices for ambulation have undergone some changes within the last decade that make them lighter, more portable and offer more features than they have in the past. During this presentation, the author will review current devices such as canes and crutches and review the biomechanical principles regarding their use. The author will then present a variety of updated devices such as spring loaded crutches, ergonomically designed canes and walking poles as well as different types of wheeled and standard walkers including walkers designed to ascend and descend stairs. Participants will have the opportunity to view these various ambulation devices and consider the potential risks and benefits of their use.

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