Mette Pedersen

Ear-Nose-Throat Clinic, Denmark

Title: Laryngo-pharyngeal refl ux: A randomized clinical controlled trial


Mette Pedersen has completed her PhD in Finland at the Research Centre of Nokia in Oulu. Her research includes two Cochrane Reviews and a book of development of voice in childhood, for papers and presentations, see website: She has an honored doctor degree from The Yorker International University 2007 in Florence, Italy. She has been appointed by the Danish ministry of Science as Danish representative for advanced voice assessment in the European Union 2006.


Th e objective of this study was to make a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of laryngo-pharyngeal reflux treatment based on a suffi cient number of patients (referring to our Cochrane review 2009). Material and Methods: In order to detect differences prospectively of treatment eff ect in a randomized controlled trial, the following treatments of laryngo-pharyngeal reflux (LPR) were compared: lifestyle advice, lifestyle advice combined with proton pump inhibitor, and life style advice combined with proton pump inhibitor and alginate. Subjective complaints of LPR were stored and the objective evaluation of interarytenoids oedema of the larynx was evaluated visually on high speed films, with minimum of 2000 frames per second, a supplement of routine acoustical measures were made. Results: A total of 237 patients were randomized based on the planned statistical power calculation of 90% to detect a diff erence of 20%, under the assumption that the true difference was 5% and that the standard deviation was 25%. Th e diff erences between the three groups were found not to be statistically significant, but there was a general positive effect of treatment. Conclusion: Lifestyle guidance, and lifestyle guidance added with esomeprazole and with esomeprazole and alginate were all eff ective in this RCT for treatment eff ect of laryngo-pharyngeal refl ux based on subjective complaints and documented with high speed fi lms with minimum 2000 frames per second