Michela Zanardi

Michela Zanardi

ASLTO2 SAN Giovanni Bosco Hospital, Italy

Title: Use of a lipid-lowering food supplement in patients on hormone therapy following breast cancer


Physician specialist in clinical nutrition, working in an hospital of Turin, professor of oncology and nutrition science at the degree of Dietetics, Pediatric Nursing and Midwives, in the Working Group of Italian Dieticians Association (ADI) on hospital artificial nutrition. Participation as a speaker at numerous conferences and training courses on various aspects of nutrition (artificial nutrition, role of food on prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases, malnutrition, waste food) author of publications (abstracts, books, original articles).


This lecture will address topics about activity of a natural nutraceuticals combination (AP= Berberine + Red Yeast Rice) on dyslipidemia which frequently persists after life style changes in patients on hormone-therapy following breast cancer (HTBC). Particularly, the lecture will include the more suitable care pathway in these women, from the utilization of WCRF (world cancer research fund) “guidelines” to the choice of a nutraceutical product, instead of a chemical one, to counteract dyslipidemia. Results of a study conducted in my clinical nutrition unit will be shown.

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